football wall stickersFor all those who love their football young and old we've now listed the perfect wall art stickers design on our website today for the application onto any plain wall in your home. May we present the Football Strikers wall stickers set. Consisting of 8 decals sized at 30cm tall this collection of athletic football players in various positions is sure to be a sure-fire hit for all those that are interested in sports of this kind. Each of the unique players is either just about to smash the ball into the back of the net or is running fast to pass the ball to another team player. The fast paced action of each player will add drama to any dull wall and can be positioned as you please as we'll supply the transfers to you one once big sheet so you'll simply cut out each of the figures using a pair of scissors and then adhere to the surface using your own creativity. Choose to have these wall graphics cut from any one of our great looking matt coloured vinyl's.

It's best to select a colour that matches the rest of the room or even solid black to form a funky set of silhouettes moving around on the wall. Instructions are supplied with every order plus a vinyl squeegee so you'll be enjoying your new piece of home wall art in no time. Should you wish to order the stickers in any other size or colour please let us know and we might be able to customise the stickers for you.