We've been spending a bit of time updating our Film and TV wall stickers category today. One of the designs we've added to the collection is our new Muhammed Ali design. We have been thinking of adding this legendary character to our on-line catalogue for a long time now and of today have completed the artwork layout and freshly uploaded the transfer to our website. He can be seen standing in one of his most famous poses and making up the rest of the artwork is one of his famous quotes, "I'm the greatest".

Another great transfer we've added recently is our Scarface sticker. Tony Montana as Scaraface is a cult classic early 1980's film that has many followers of all ages and we have often been asked to supply this design as a vinyl wall art sticker but never had the artwork to hand. We've also added some text to this wall graphic in the form of his most famous quote, “ Say hello to my little friend!”.

Finally another great looking design is our Pulp Fiction wall sticker in the from of the infamous Jules and Vincent. These two legendary characters can be remembered by many film buff's and we've replicated one of their most famous scenes of the film into a high quality vinyl wall decal. So if your a bit of a classic movie lover and would like to add a bit of a twist to your home decoration theme then why not give our Film and TV wall stickers a go?