frosted window stickersIn the past, the luxury and subtle beauty that came with etched glass was only available to decorators with fairly lofty budgets. MyWallStickers has put this kind of decorating flair back within the reach of the average individual by developing etched and frosted window stickers. These adhesives can be easily applied to any clean glass surface to provide the coveted appearance of etched or frosted glass.

Permanently Beautiful

The material that goes into the etched window stickers will be completely free of bubbles over the entire life of the adhesive. The adhesive has air channels built into the material itself in order to resist any bubbling that may occur over time or with a change in temperature. Although the stickers can be used on a permanent basis, they can be removed at any time without leaving any residue or marks on the glass.

Pleasing and Private

Frosted window stickers have many types of applications outside of pure decoration. They can provide privacy for bathroom windows or shower doors as well. Replacing existing glass with frosted glass or glass cubes is costly. These stickers can be ordered and shaped to fit any window in the home with very little effort at an extremely low cost.

Letting in the Light

Etched window stickers are virtually indistinguishable from actual etched glass. The effect is flawless from either side of the glass pane. The touch of elegance opens a variety of options for little accents which are the icing on the cake for home decorators. The etched-effect window stickers are ideal for adding personality to a front-door entrance. They do not inhibit the light coming through the pane, and they can be properly installed in just minutes. The adhesives are not limited to window glass. Back splashes and glass cutting boards in the kitchen can provide ideal locations to add some decorative flair.

Go Custom

The designs can be custom fitted for any standards necessary. Popular fitted designs for shower doors include Japanese-inspired coy fish and etched butterfly petals. Baroque patterns and classical floral etchings provide a warm welcome to anyone approaching the front entrance of the home. These stickers are an excellent way of breathing new life into a living space. Seasonal designs are available as well. Because the adhesives are so easily removed, people can feel free to change the designs at the beginning of each new season. Artwork by popular artists such as Banksy have just been added to the collection. Both classical and cutting edge possibilities are now at the fingertips of any eager designer.