A new addition to our on-line wall stickers catalogue is our fabulous range of floral wall sticker kits. You can design your own piece of unique home wall art using our individual sections/kits which you can purchase on our website in any quantity and colour.

For those who seek a little creativity our range of wall sticker separates is the ideal way to fire up your creative juices as you can purchase from our website and then make a fashionable designer mural of any size on your wall. Order as many sets as you please and in any colour, this really is the ideal way to spice up your plain and dull walls. Many of our customers purchase the stems, branches and petals and then go wild, we think this is the best way forward too! Ok, seriously, the best way to accomplish your new piece of self adhesive home décor is to order a set of branches, stems and petals and then position them on your wall in any order that you see fit. The best thing about being able to make a design yourself in the comfort of your own home is that there are no limits or boundaries, if it looks good it is good and it's all originated from your fair hands.

You can 'dry-fit' the sticker parts to your wall to see what looks best before actually installing them on the wall. You start by cutting out the individual sections that are on the sheet and then using small pieces of low tack tape such as masking tape to position the pieces on the wall until your happy with the overall look and then one the design has been 'eye-balled' to your satisfaction you can apply the parts following the instructions that are supplied with your order. Have fun!