dinosaur wall sticker

After many requests we've added our new full colour dinosaur wall sticker design to our on-line catalogue this week. This isn't what you'd call an ordinary wall art sticker as firstly it's huge and secondly it's a bit scary! So use with caution when placing on walls where the inhabitants are of a sensitive nature.

Joking aside, it's not that scary really but it doesn't half look the part. We did a test print of this sticker before we added it to the site, we do this with all of our designs to make sure the fit and finish meets our usual high standards here at My Wall Stickers. We won't just print a wall sticker, look at it and give it the thumbs up and then ship it to our customer, we'll actually go ahead and install it on our studio wall and just to make sure that it looks good on the wall and to see how easy it is to apply so we can produce the right set of instructions to go with the design. I'm drifting from the point of this post...

This full colour digitally printed design is just under two meters tall and over two foot wide so it's got quite a presence when placed on any wall. We thought we'd go all out on this one and make it as big as we could without loosing sight of our customer's ability to actually install the wall sticker when they receive it. It's very important to us that our stickers can be installed with ease and we go to great lengths to make sure the the process is as simple as possible!

The idea behind this design came from a bunch of emails from our past and present customers saying that they loved the range of wall stickers that we have on offer but we lacked dinosaurs! Believe it or not dinosaur wall stickers are a big part of the wall sticker industry. It's easy to know why, as all kids love dinosaurs and it's one of the most popular themes amongst the younger generation. Before this design we only really had chalkboard dinosaur wall stickers where the material is a matte black rough chalk accepting vinyl that in turn is great fun as anything can be hand written in chalk using these wall stickers. Getting back to the point, we seriously lacked dinosaur wall stickers so it seemed like a good idea to add this triumphant wall art sticker to our collection and it's already proving to be quite a hit.

We do sell a range of other full colour designs on our on-line catalogue such as printed flowers, animals and children's designs such as large printed rainbow wall sticker. Aside from our single colour wall decals the full colour designs are just as popular. They are made from the same long lasting vinyl material which can even be used outdoors if required, it really is that durable. We're still at the early stages of adding our unique wall sticker designs to our website and are adding new and exciting products all the time so be sure to keep checking back and browsing though the designs for that special piece of wall art. We can make custom designs if required for a small fee of between £25 ro £50. For this you'd receive a professionally designed sticker that meets your requirements by 100% and is completely custom. Just ask us for a quote and well be more than happy to assist.