Whatever you need, ask us, we're flexible!

During an average busy day we receive quite a few emails and calls asking whether our wall stickers can be made in any other size than displayed and in any other colours. The answer to this question is YES! We are more than happy to assist you in getting your perfect wall art sticker. There are some limitations but we can generally make them to any size that you may need. The stickers listed on our site are what we have perceived to be an all round good size and to cover enough of the average wall without looking too big or too small but we can make them a custom size, just simply send us an email or drop us a line.

The colours for our wall stickers that we have advertised on our site are very popular, but we have a few more available and can also source more colours if you really need something that will match your current home decor, just ask us for any particular shade that you are interested in and we'll see what's on the shelf!

We can also create custom designed wall stickers from a picture or any other media that you can show us. Believe it or not we've even made a wall sticker from a photo of somebody's tattoo! We do have to ask for a small fee for the bespoke design just to cover the time in producing it, generally our design fee is priced at £40 + VAT an hour and most designs take no longer than an hour to create. If you pay to have us design a wall sticker from scratch for you then the artwork will be licensed to you and you'll receive full ownership of the artwork so that you can use it for other purposes. If we can help in any way in producing top quality wall art for your home then please do give us a call or send us an email.