So the summer holidays are finally here and there's a few hours here and there for you to fill with your young ones, why not re-decorate a bedroom in your home using some of our fabulous wall art stickers? You could have hours of fun getting creative using our unique wall art.

We all know that during the kids summer holidays this is when most of the UK's parents have departed from work for a week or two and there's nothing better than waking in the morning and knowing that you don't have to turn up to work, it's a little reward for making it to this stage in the year!

You could spend a few hours having some great family fun with our low cost easy to apply wall stickers in the comfort of your own home, no pack lunch required! If you plan it well you could even have fun wasting a whole day that is devoted to making a room in your home look trendy using some our latest designs.

Use more than one wall sticker to create a complete wall mural, stick to a theme and get creative. We stock many wall sticker designs in themes that are sought after by the younger generation such as animal designs, pirates, princess, space rockets and more. Our polka dot wall stickers are also a very popular wall modification that you can use in your own unique style, this is where your creative streak can come into play as you can position our wall stickers in the best locations within your home allowing for a completely custom look.

Why not set a whole day aside and give a room in your home a complete over-haul? With the spare time on your hands you'd be able to change the furniture layout and provide a freshened look in any room you please. As you'll find from looking at our on-line catalogue of wall stickers they're really cost effective when compared to painting and decorating etc. Why spend hundred's of pounds on decorating accessories when you can give a room a new look from as little as £20. Another plus side of our designs is that they're mess free when compared to paint, this is a big bonus our customers have found, our wall stickers are also completely removable should you wish to do so at any point later on leaving no mess or marks on the wall.

So go on, freshen up a room in your home with the help of your family this Summer using our trendy home wall art stickers.