If you are one of the millions of Marilyn Monroe fans that still exist around the world, you can now decorate your bedroom, boudoir or dressing room with innovative decorations that make your room look more alive, modern and unique. These wall stickers contain some of the charming and witty quotes that can be attributed to Marilyn's intelligence.

A Woman With Brains and Beauty Marilyn Monroe was not just a glamor queen. She was a woman who loved to write poetry and read books by famous philosophers. You can now celebrate her immense charm by placing Marilyn Monroe wall art stickers in your favorite room or in several rooms. Impress your best friend the next time you invite them for an overnight stay. Your friend is sure to appreciate sleeping in a guest bedroom composed of wall stickers that feature colorful furnishings, or of the irreplaceable Marilyn, accompanied by her timeless quotes that are still relevant today.

Here is an example of a Marilyn Monroe wall art sticker:

  • Photograph of a Woman Wearing Red High Heels
  • Marilyn's Advice to Women
  • Conquer the World By Wearing Fantastic Shoes

Marilyn said that a woman who wears the right pair of shoes could conquer any difficulties in life. This is only one of the many wall art stickers that you can use to decorate your house. If you love a contemporary look in your home, you will want to post several of these stickers on your sitting room or bedroom walls. Receive new inspiration and a dose of encouragement from Marilyn's wisdom every day of the year. The real person who was inside of the glamorous exterior was a brilliant woman with a big heart.

"Life Always Offers Reasons to Smile". One of the wall stickers at My Wall Stickers features Marilyn's advice to keep smiling because life offers many things that can cause a person to smile. These Marilyn Monroe wall art stickers are great to put on a wall near your staircase or alcove, and they bring any of the walls in your home to life. You can even place a couple of stickers on your dining room wall to entertain your dinner guests. Beauty, charm, intelligence, humor and wisdom are all traits possessed by Marilyn Monroe. If you want to create a unique atmosphere in any of the rooms of your house, this is your chance to decorate in style. Tasteful and decorative, Marilyn Monroe wall art stickers improve the general decor of your home, especially if you are aiming for a truly contemporary ambiance.