Just added is our new 'Cosy' text wall sticker that is sure to offer a bit of modern chic to your home. We thought of adding this to our site when one of our customers asked if we could provide this design or text quote as a graphic for their wall. The design has been created from the popular Georgia font and all we really did to the text to make it just that little bit more perfect was adjust the text kerning.

What's text kerning you may ask? Well it's the adjustment of space between any two letters. Some fonts, when typing out a particular word depending on the letters can actually look quite weird so pulling the letters closer together or apart from each other can create a positive effect on the eye for the graphic as a whole.

So if your planning to snuggle up for the cold winter ahead and you want to at least fell a bit cosy then we suggest this wall sticker for you. It's a generous size of 120cm long by 30cm tall and is available in 18 of our fabulous colours. Add dome deco fun to your walls with this great looking contemporary wall sticker.