With our on-line catalogue now exceeding 400 wall art sticker designs and counting we now fully appreciate that it might be a bit of a problem finding the design that's right for you. We hope that our relatively new website is easy to surf and a pleasure to navigate, believe us we've tried so hard to get the site looking right and we think we're just about there now!

We always adjust the website and add wall stickers that we believe are in-demand with reference to what our customers are requesting. We even have a box on most of the pages of the site where you can add your sticker as a suggestion for us to consider. If you feel we've missed out a particular design then be sure to write your comments in this box and you never know, we might surprise you!

Getting back to the point of this news subject, finding the wall sticker design that's right for you. Firstly the best thing to do is to pinpoint your thoughts to any one of our great categories and then work from there. Is it a wall quote sticker that you are interested in or perhaps a flower wall sticker or even a childrens wall sticker? Within each of our categories you'll find a wealth of designs that will be right for you, you'll be spolit for choice. Remember we offer an array of outstanding vinyl colours to have your wall sticker made form so be sure to choose a contrasting colour that will look in place with your current home decor.

Many of our customers make a choice when purchasing our wall stickers based on:

  • Quality of product, we only source high quality films
  • Size, we sell small and large designs
  • Colours available, 18 available
  • Ease of fitting, instructions and squeegee supplied
  • Design is in theme with home
  • Design would fit in well with current decor
  • Can be removed with ease
  • Just love the look of it!

Sometimes it's just a case of having a good look through our store and letting the design jump out at you and knowing that what you've ordered will be a good investment in your home's appearance for years to come. We often hear of our customers requiring a particular design to simply fill a certain area, again we sell stickers from small to large, weird and wonderful. We try to cover all of the bases as best we can!

All of our stickers ARE easy to apply:

Finally, don't purchase a wall sticker just because it may appear to be easy to install. We spend a lot of time putting together written materials and even manufacture our wall stickers so they can be installed by anybody with no experience in fitting large wall stickers. The majority of our extra large wall stickers will be sold in 2-3 sections and will be provided with clear installation instructions to make sure you attain near perfect results. So be bold and choose any design that suits you!