Using wall stickers to add a little sunshine into your home has become such a popular idea in recent years. With the advent of computer controlled vinyl cutting machines, complex and decorative wall vinyl’s can be easily created and almost any design turned into a reality. Interior home decals and transfers are produced at a reasonable cost, as we often purchase our vinyl film on huge rolls, which allows the savings to be passed down to the customer.

Naturally we always strive to offer the very best material that will conform to any surface, indoors or outdoors, and that will be easy to install. After many years of testing different films we've managed to source a well performing material that not only looks great once applied, but also stands the test of time and can be removed with ease at any point during it's lifespan. Cheap wall stickers and wall art doesn’t necessarily mean we're scrimping on quality. This is very far from the truth. As mentioned above we can supply low cost high quality graphics that in turn are kind to your wallet.

Our range starts at around £5 and works it's way up to £65 so there's something for every decorator and home stylist within our online catalogue. The use of self-adhesive wall art can be an addition for practically everyone, as the results are instantaneous and rewarding. We've noticed a lot of our customers purchase one or two stickers to start with and then often return to our store to purchase more to fill in other plain areas in their home. The important thing is not to go overboard with this type of art, subtlety is key, to create a theme within a room that can be enjoyed with ease and the does not appear too cluttered. To view our impressive range of low cost cheap wall stickers click here.