The Cat's House wall sticker has been added to our collection today and we feel this design could be a bit of a winner. Our wall stickers have proven to be very popular over the past couple of years and we've always stayed on top of the designs adding more and more to the website, nearly on a daily basis. Our cat and animal stickers always bring smiles to our customers young or old as they look so appealing once applied to the walls in your home.

The new Cat's House Design is a bit of a tongue in cheek sticker as being a nation of cat lovers we realise that our four legged friends usually do have complete run of the household and we'll do anything to keep them happy, us humans just have to make sure the mortgage is paid!

For this particular design we specifically chose a retro typeface, one that could stand tall on your wall and give a good visual impact. We also mixed a trendy modern script to go underneath the main part of the sticker which breaks up the design allowing it to be a great looking piece of home wall art. We also love the fact that this wall graphic is complimented by a kitty stalking a little mouse that can be seen at the bottom left of the transfer. We add the cat and mouse element to the design at the last minute as it just didn't look right being a text only wall quote sticker.

The extra design elements really set it off and once added to your exiting home decoration (cat lover or not) you'll be loving this wall sticker that's for sure!