Brand New Website

by Will Plane

Welcome to the latest version of our website! We thought our old shopping cart was lacking in a few very important areas so we decided recently on the mammoth task of bringing it up-to-date and we're just about there.

Since the early days of our original website way back in 2010 we've always strived to create an eay to use platform that has many enjoyable features and benefits for the user. Over that time technology has changed quite a lot and we've done our very best to keep the site updated with regards to changes in html and security mostly being at the forefront.

Most recently we've seen more mobile users that ever before, but with an ageing website that wasn't really responsive we'd miss out on being able to connect with new and existing customers as they preferred this convenient method of browsing our website.

Furthermore our new site is fully mobile responsive so looks pretty cool when surfing on a mobile device or tablet. It utilises html5 instead of flash, is fully secure throughout as every page has a secure connection, and lastly our great looking wall stickers and decals are presented in a much better light. We also tipped the scales by adding a whole bunch of new and exciting wall art to the website just to keep our content fresh.

We hope you like the look of our new store, it's taken many hours to transfer everything from the old site but we think it's well worth it and look forward to our customers taking advantage of the new modern benefits it provides.


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