Where you can and can’t place wall art stickers

One of the best things about wall stickers, as well as their price and the wide range of designs they come in, is that they can be placed in many different places around the home or workplace.

Before you put up your wall art stickers, however, there are some things you should know about where you can and can’t place them.

You can place wall stickers on:

• Painted walls
• Wall papered walls
• Metals
• Plastic
• Wood
• Plaster
• Glass

A basic rule of thumb for applying wall stickers is as follows: as long as the surface is flat and smooth, you should be able to put wall stickers on it.

You can’t place wall stickers on:

• Brickwork
• Other overly textured surfaces
• On surfaces where there are obstructions (i.e. loose nails, clumps of paint, greasy or dirty walls)

If you try to put wall stickers up on unsuitable surfaces, there is a possibility that they won’t properly adhere to the wall. Air pockets or bubbles may form, or they may even fall down after a period of time. As long as you avoid the unsuitable surfaces named above, your wall stickers should adhere perfectly and last you for years.