When your wall sticker arrives…

We thought we’d write a short post on the best procedure upon receipt of your shiny new wall sticker from My Wall Stickers, basically the first things you should do before sticking it to the wall! We post all of our wall stickers in very strong hard backed tubes so that they reach you in the same condition that they left our studio. Our wall stickers will not fit through your letterbox as the tube is a little too big in most cases, so either make sure your in to receive delivery or sweet talk your neighbour into receiving your parcel from us.

So your wall sticker has arrived, quick postage wasn’t it! On a serious note we’re sure you’ll be itching to apply your new wall decal and start enjoying it’s presence on your wall. We roll all of our wall stickers up so the first thing to do after carefully opening the sealed postal tube is to un-roll your wall stickers. You ideally want to get them as flat as you can before you apply them. Clear a space on your biggest table and use the supplied squeegee to press over the sticker to essentially flatten it and remove any creases and return the sticker (as a whole) into an un-rolled sheet. Doing this simply aids application to the wall as it prevents parts of the graphic rolling over your hands when sticking to the wall.

Once your happy with the wall stickers condition after removing from the tube and flattening you can start to think about applying the sticker to the wall in question. As you’ve had a couple of days thinking time since ordering your wall sticker from us you’re probably well aware of where you want to apply it in your house, now is the time to give the wall a basic clean in anticipation of applying your new sticker.

Cleaning your wall should be as simple as a wet (but clean) kitchen cloth with a very tiny amount of dish soap or similar. You ideally don’t want anything between the adhesive of the sticker and the wall itself, i.e. dirt or chemicals as this could impair the longevity of the sticker buy reducing the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Buy this point you would have noticed that included in your order is a full set of easy to follow instructions (hand written by us) including a section print out (demonstrates the joins in your large sticker) if you’ve ordered an extra large sticker and a vinyl squeegee to aid application. We won’t go into too much detail here as we have plenty of fitting guides on our site plus the documentation supplied with all our wall stickers is comprehensive.

You should now be ready to apply your wall decal, remember the more time you put into it the better the finish, preparation is EVERYTHING and calmness is key! Allow yourself a good time space to install your sticker, get a friend or family member to help you, it should be a fun and relatively simple process.

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