What rooms of the house can I use wall stickers in? Pt.1

If you have never used wall stickers before, you may have a few questions you would like answering. One of the most frequently asked questions in relation to wall stickers is which rooms of the house you can use them in, but the answer is simple – you can use them virtually anywhere. Here’s how:

In the bedroom

Wall stickers for the bedroom are amongst the most decorative of all the different types of wall sticker available. You can find wall art stickers in elegant flower designs, as well as fun, colourful designs and even quotes from your favourite songs or works of literature. You can even get designs featuring your favourite animals, which are perfect for kid’s bedrooms.

In the kitchen

Kitchen wall art stickers come in food and drink (i.e. cups of coffee, toast, cutlery and utensils) motif designs, as well as colourful tile designs. You can even find quotes and sayings, menu-style designs and chalkboards, so you can write down the dish of the day or your shopping list.

See part 2 of this guide for more wall sticker ideas for the different rooms of your house.