We’re now SSL certified for safe shopping

We’re proud to announce that today we received certification that our wall sticker website www.mywallstickers.co.uk is protected by SSL security.

Great, but what does this mean for me you may be asking!

SSL or secure sockets layer is an optional security measure that websites can implement in order to protect their visitors confidential data and the like. SSL provides an extremely secure way of communicating data across the Internet. Information such as your name and address, date of birth, anything that may be of use to unlawful people in today’s modern world.

One of the most obvious purposes of having SSL as a security measure on an e commerce website such as My Wall Stickers is to hide credit card information and encrypt this crucial data in a fashion that cannot be received by any third party.

Here’s a snapshot of our SSL certificate:

safe wall sticker shopping at my wall stickers
My Wall Stickers SSL Certificate

We feel (and it may seem obvious) it’s so important to protect the confidentiality of our customers to the highest level possible. We feel it’s only to be expected in the modern technology driven world that we live in. So for totally safe wall stickers and wall decal shopping you can be sure that we’ve protected your information and data here at My Wall Stickers.

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