Welcome in Autumn with a fresh new look

Now that the summer is finally coming to an end, the nights are drawing in and you’re finding yourself wearing an extra layer or two, we can all notice the change in season and for some it’s the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf in your home and what better way to alter the look and feel of your surroundings than to choose some chic wall art stickers to decorate with.

With such a vast amount of wall stickers available on our website you’d probably wonder where to start in selecting that perfect design. We stock wall graphics of all shapes and sizes, in turn we hope to be able to supply wall art to all tastes from young right through to adult.

Popular stickers of choice this time of year are our flower and leaf transfers. It’s true that every picture tells a story and sometimes it’s the most simple stickers that can speak volumes visually once adhered to your wall.

When choosing your new wall art be sure to find a style that will compliment the rest of your home. It’s better to start with one or two designs, finding the best position for installation and then seeing after you’ve applied them if you feel like adding more to create an even greater look.

Sometimes the smallest of wall stickers will get your artistic point across while at other times a bigger transfer is required. Many of our customers combine multiple designs all over their home. For some this is effective and for others this is not so good as the art can look cluttered, again it’s down to personal preference and what you feel looks right in your home.

Whatever style you choose to finish your decoration with this Autumn be sure to take a good look at all of our graphics and let us know if there’s something particular you’re looking for.