Wall Stickers revolution!

It’s true. Wall stickers are becoming more popular by the minute thanks to the great designs being put forward by the likes of, er, well us! We’ve just spotted a kind testimonial from one of our customers on the Channel 4 website, Designs for Wall section, thanks for that Karen, your discount code has now been emailed to you!

Wall stickers and wall decals have gained in popularity as there is no limit to what design you can have on your wall, really. From the wiered and wonderful fun designs such as bar codes and candle sticks to the flower designs and more. The general rule of thumb for a truly great looking wall sticker design is that if looks quirky and it’s unique, then it’s good! Anything away from the norm usually makes the foundation of stunning wall art decoration.

As fitting wall stickers to you wall is an easy process thanks to the revolution in modern sign vinyl anybody can decorate their wall in style easily and quickly. This is another reason wall stickers have increased in popularity since their concept back in the early days of the internet sticker sales. Modern website design such as our online shop enables wall stickers to be displayed beautifully in full colour and gives a very accurate representation of how the wall sticker would look on your wall once installed.

To be honest there’s not going to be enough time to add al of the stunning wall sticker designs to our site as we can only work so many hours before loosing the plot! You may think we’re kidding but the designs can run into the millions as nowadays graphic artists who kindly share thier wall sticker artowrok with select partners such as My Wall Stickers post thier work online for premium, this makes for around 10 million wonderful designs and counting and this is not even taking into account artwork produced by us as we never stop designing too!

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