Wall Stickers for every budget and taste

Since wall stickers really hit the market back in the late noughties, people who take pride in their home and decorate often found a quick, convenient and low cost solution by injecting style and flair onto their walls in the form decorative decals.  People often found that they could create a whole new unique look and feel in their home for a fraction of the cost, when compared to traditional decorating techniques.

The range of wall transfers available today on our website for example is astonishing. There’s a design to suit anybody’s taste from flowers, quotes, sports, nursery, animals and beyond. When styling your home your home you can be as extravagant as you please, either by adding a large mural size design to your living space, or by simply selecting a much smaller graphic to fit into a particular plain area.

Prices of wall graphics can range from under £5 right up to £100 and beyond for the larger more complex designs. Depending on the theme, some transfers can be very intricate and decorative, while others can be more simple such as a basic silhouette on your wall. The vinyl material we use during the manufacture and cutting process always remains the same. We’ve managed to source a very high quality film that has a matt finish and can last for many years indoors and will exist beautifully with your every-day living routine, thanks to the hard wearing nature of the vinyl. Our wall stickers can be wiped clean if necessary and removed with ease by simply applying a little heat then finding a corner of the graphic and gently peeling from the surface and lifting with your nail.

So whatever your budget, decoration style or home size with over 650 wall stickers available on our website there’s plenty to choose from, whether you just want to fill in a small blank area or make an artistic statement we’d love to be a part of that!