Wall stickers can help you create a theme for each room

Redesigning a whole room of your house can be a project, and it can be even more challenging to redecorate all the rooms of your house. Most people begin their home design project by coming up with a theme or at least a colour scheme for each room, but this is often easier said than done.

Wall art stickers can make coming up with a theme for your room much easier. When you browse online to see what kinds of wall stickers are available, you will be able to get some ideas and inspiration for the theme of each room. You may even want to base the whole of the design on the wall stickers you find.

Examples of wall stickers and room themes

The following are a few ideas of wall stickers you can use to create a theme for each room:

• A sea themed bathroom can be created with tile wall stickers featuring dolphins, fish, shells and seahorses
• A floral themed bedroom can be created with large, decorative wall stickers featuring stunning floral patterns. For example, you can choose from bright Gerberas, abstract dandelions or a beautiful damask rose.
• A chic, modern kitchen can be created with bold coffee cup motifs and slogan wall stickers.