Wall sticker application tips

Anyone who has wall stickers put up in their homes will know how easy they are to apply. You don’t need any DIY knowledge or any specialist tools, but you do need to have some idea what you’re doing.

If you’re putting up wall stickers in one of the rooms in your home, make sure you read the supplied instructions very carefully and follow these handy application tips:

Make sure the wall surface is clean and free of debris. Make sure to remove any dust and dirt, and avoid placing stickers where there are pins, putty and other adhesives used to put up posters, loose bits of paint or bumps in the wallpaper. This will help your stickers adhere better.

Ensure your stickers are evenly spaced by marking out where you’re going to put them before you start sticking them on. Once you’ve started, it’s too late to plan out the design and may not be able to remove and reposition your stickers.

Use the supplied squeegee to apply pressure all the way across the design, to ensure it is properly adhered and that all air bubbles are removed.

Leave your wall stickers alone whilst they dry, avoiding the temptation to adjust, reposition or touch them.