Wall art stickers can add a splash of colour to any space

These days, one of the most popular trends in contemporary home design is minimalism. Uncluttered rooms that are decorated in neutral colours and which feature smooth, clean lines can be found in many homes, but sometimes these minimalist designs need a bit of brightening up.

A splash of vibrant colour is the way to give your minimalist décor a bit of contemporary edge and style. Some people like to add this touch of colour through:

• Cushions, rugs, throws and soft furnishings
• Artwork and decorative pieces
• A feature wall (one wall that is painted a different colour to the rest of the walls)

However, all of these methods involve spending quite a bit of money and some of your valuable time. The easiest, cheapest and most stylish way to inject some vibrancy into a minimalist-themed room is to use wall art stickers.

The best way to use wall art stickers is to choose a colourful design (one colour is usually best, unless you are decorating a child’s room) and put it up on a white wall. Decorative corner wall stickers and simple, bold motifs are usually the best choices. You don’t want to add too much colour to the room, as this could undermine the minimalist concept.