Transform a plain white wall into a stunning focal point

Most people have got at least one plain white wall in their property, although unless the minimalist look is the look which you’re going for, leaving plain white walls bare could be putting a dampener on your décor.

As plain white walls can so easily blend into the background, it can be really easy to forget about them. Rather than leaving plain white walls in an au-naturel state though, why not be interior style savvy by turning a neglected plain white wall in your home into a stunning focal point?

At this point, you may be asking yourself ‘how do I turn a wall into a focal point without spending the earth?’- wall stickers are the answer.

In today’s financially trying times, more and more people are using wall stickers as way of enhancing the home, as they’re really affordable yet really effective- they’re the perfect combination.

As there are hundreds of different wall sticker designs to choose from, there are many ways in which you can transform a plain white wall into as stunning focal point.

Whether you want to bring a plain white wall to life with a huge life size sticker of your favourite musician or with a contemporary abstract design, you have innumerable options.