Top Home Design Trends for 2013

With spring just around the corner, there’s no better time to give your home a fresh new look. Here we’ve got all the latest interior design trends to ensure your home is in fashion throughout 2013.

Go Retro: Just like 2012, retro inspired styles are still a favourite amongst many designers, except this year it’s all about plant patterns from the 1950s. From dandelions to cactuses, it’s time to pick your favourite plant and brighten up your walls. If wallpaper seems a bit OTT or you just don’t have time for paint stencils, why not take a look at our flower and tree wall stickers? Bamboo and autumn leaves are perfect for creating that shabby chic look and we have dozens of vibrant and neutral shades to match your colour scheme. Back to Brass: Remember all those brass ornaments scattered around the mantel piece over at your Nan’s house? Turns out these timeless designs are going to be hot on the market this year, so get searching for those treasured vintage items. From lamps to coffee tables, brass is a great material for creating a real unique style in your lounge. Combine a selection of brass gems with deep purple, brown and black shades for an affordable, contemporary style in any room.

Art Inspired: Art is becoming more and more popular in the home and with more affordable and readily available pieces on the market, giving your home a unique, cultural feel is easier than you might think. If original artwork on sale at your local gallery is simply too expensive, why not take a look at our Banksy wall stickers?  Decorate your home with graffiti style works of art created by the legendary street artist.

Cosy Woodland: Simple, un-varnished wooden items are also a favourite this season, with oak and beech tables and chairs appearing in many designer collections. That cosy cottage look can be easily created with rustic tones, candles and woodland ornaments. Those with wooden floors can remove their carpets for a stripped back, traditional feel. Complete the look with a woollen rug and look forward to winter evenings beside your open fire.

Whatever your style, start the New Year with a new look this January.

For more information on decorating your home with wall stickers, contact our expert team today and learn how to give any room a new look in seconds.