Tips for putting up bedroom wall stickers pt.2

Wall stickers can provide you with a great way to freshen up the décor of any room, without having to spend the time and effort repainting or re-papering. However, you need to know how to apply your wall stickers properly in order to get the best finish possible.

We’ve already looked at how smaller wall stickers can be applied (see pt.1 of this guide), but larger wall stickers should be put up in a slightly different way.

Steps to follow to install large wall stickers:

1. Choose a clean, clutter-free spot on the wall and position your sticker.
2. Hold it in place using masking tape
3. Remove the masking tape at the top of the sticker and peel off the top layer of application tape. This removes the sticker from the backing paper.
4. To leave just the sticker and the application paper, but to prevent the sticker touching the wall yet, cut the backing paper off
5. Use the provided squeegee to apply the sticker to the wall (make sure you get rid of any air bubbles)
6. Use your hand or the squeegee to rub the sticker all over, to make sure it’s properly adhered
7. Peel the top layer of application tape off very slowly. If the sticker comes off too, use the squeegee to adhere it back on again
8. Stand back and admire your new large wall sticker