Tips for putting up bedroom wall stickers pt.1

If you’ve just received a delivery of bedroom wall stickers in the post, you may need a little help and advice when it comes to putting them up safely and securely. The instructions for putting up small wall stickers are slightly different to those for installing larger stickers, so check out part 2 of this guide for help on putting up large wall stickers.

Steps to follow for putting up small wall stickers:

1. Choose a clean, clear place on the wall in which to place your sticker
2. Position the sticker as you’d like it, then use masking tape to hold it in place
3. Lift up the edge of the sticker and peel off half of the backing paper from the underneath.
4. A squeegee or similar tool should be supplied with your stickers – use this to apply the sticker to the wall.
5. As you apply the sticker, remove the rest of the backing paper
6. To make sure the graphic sticks properly to the wall, use the squeegee again on the sticker
7. Remove the top layer of application tape very slowly and carefully; this should reveal the sticker
8. Stand back and admire your new wall sticker design!