Tips for getting the best finish when applying wall stickers

Wall stickers are known to be very easy to apply, which is why so many people use them to redecorate rather than re-painting and re-papering their walls.

You don’t need any special DIY skills or any specialist equipment to apply wall art stickers, but you will need to follow the instructions carefully and keep these important tips in mind:

• Before applying your stickers, check that the wall surface is clean and clear of bumps and obstructions (i.e. picture hooks, dried blobs of paint).

• Plan the placement of your wall stickers very carefully, as once they are stuck to the wall you won’t be able to remove them (until it’s time to take them down permanently)

• See how your sticker will look on the wall by using mask tape to temporarily fix it in place. Take a few steps back and assess how the sticker will look, and once you’re happy, you can permanently adhere the sticker.

• Mark out the placement of your wall stickers very carefully on the wall using pencil. This is especially important when putting up quote wall stickers, words and letters, where spacing is important.