The educational benefits of children’s wall stickers

Many families have chosen to decorate the walls of their children’s bedrooms with wall stickers because they look great and are an easy and cheap way to redecorate. However, did you know that children’s wall stickers also have educational benefits?


In school, teachers use a number of innovative methods to teach the young children in their classes how to count. They may use songs, rhymes or pictures, all of which can aid learning and memory. Children’s wall stickers can do the same thing. You can find stickers which feature a line from a song such as “1,2,3,4,5…once I caught a fish alive…”, or that help children to learn how to count by using pictures and other visual methods.

The alphabet

In the same way that wall stickers can help children as they learn to count, they can also teach them the alphabet. With a constant reminder that “A is for Apple, B is for Ball…” in their bedrooms, your child will soon know their ABCs inside out.

Of course, children’s wall stickers not only have educational benefits such as those we’ve discussed; they are also fun, stimulating and colourful for your little ones to look at.