The 1st post!

Hello fellow blogger, this is our first post! We’re adding this blog to our website to keep everybody in the loop regarding our amazing wall stickers and all of the relevant information that is associated with them.

On this blog we aim to discuss new wall sticker ideas, supply information on how we make our wall stickers, videos on how to install them, pictures from happy customers and any other great stuff we can think of!

At the time of writing this first post we are still building the website and adding our fantastic range of wall stickers and wall decals to it. It’s taking a lot longer than we initially thought as we want it to be perfect, just like our wall stickers!

The main layout and the ‘shell’ of the site is just the way we want it to be, crisp and easy to navigate. We’ve just added our secure payment processors, PayPal and SagePay so orders can actually be placed.

We’ll keep you posted..

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