Stuck for ideas? Check out our latest wall art designs

We’ve added a couple of new designs to the website this week so we’d thought it would be a good time to share the creativity.

We like to add new and exciting designs as often as possible but we increasingly find that there’s just not enough hours in the day! Time processing all of the orders and keeping up with the running of an every day on-line wall sticker store keeps us busy 24/7.

The vinyl wall art designs we’ve decided to showcase is our Retro Squares and Thread Softly decorative vinyl stickers. We often take inspiration from dealing with our customers and listening to their feedback. Both of the above we’re graphics that weren’t previously available on our website but by the powers of modern technology we’ve turned them into a reality!

Retro Squares:- This design takes on an immediate retro looking design that looks like it’s straight out of a 70’s lounge! It might not be everybody’s cup of tea but for those who like that old school decoration flavour then this could be ideal.retro squares

We offer this design in a pre-selected range of 3 matt finish colours each on a separate sheet. Consisting of chocolate, orange and dark grey the coloured sections can be arranged on any wall according to your own personal taste or set out as illustrated above.

By positioning the assorted squares of varying sizes on your wall an artful look can easily be created. We feel this particular decal would look great placed within a living room or hallway, however any plain area would benefit, even better of the surroundings are in a 70’s style with complimenting furniture and furnishings.

Thread Softly:- Made with the hobbyist in mind we like this design particularly as it would be perfect for the friend or family member who may spend their past time sewing or doing any other need based craft.thread softly

Designed using a swirly traditional font script it makes for a very decorative wall decal and cleverly incorporates a needle and buttons into the text making it perfect for a spare bedroom or hobby room.

This transfer could be given as a gift or maybe used to decorate any room that is dedicated to crafts and the like. The overall emphasis of this wall art quote is that of a play-on-words, asking one to thread softly as opposed to tread softly.

When designing our wall stickers we sometimes like to add in an extra element that adds a different meaning so this design is ideal. This sticker was actually a request from a customer as they required a something custom for thier home, we just simply turned it into the finished article you see above within a few mouse clicks!

If you’re looking for some personalised wall art or would like to talk to us regarding having any one of our decals customised then please feel free to contact us on 01692 402423 or by sending us a quick email, we’ll be happy to assist.