Storage solutions for your home

We’re all pretty much aware of how storage space can be an issue with our home. As the majority of us live in small to medium sized homes finding that all important storage space can be a real problem sometimes. The plus side to this is that there’s more potential storage space in your home than you may believe. Follow the tips below and you may even surprise yourself!

Buy Clever Furniture – Look for furniture that has multi-functional purposes such as a table with built-in draws or a cabinet with glass doors that functions as a display cabinet, or chests and tables that have enclosed cabinets. Corner entertainment centers are also quite handy as they act as an all-in-one solution for the TV, DVD, Sky box, wireless modem to name but a few. It’s also a good idea to get cable tidies (products that tidy up cables!) as there can be a lot of cables at the rear of these units and these make the ideal solution to keeping loose cables neat and tidy. Some of the entertainment centers for sale often have draws making them ideal for keeping small accessories or anything else out of sight! Sleeper sofas are also a good space saving alternative with their functional role as s sofa or bed and pay close attention to couches with built in draws or the like. They’re quite rare but still worth a look!

Make use of free storage containers – This may be a bit ‘out there’ but nonetheless it’s still a good idea. Why not save up your butter or take-away containers for use within a workshop, garage or hobby area. They’re free and by doing so you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint! Using jars and bottles or similar with screw lids are perfect for storing buttons, nails, screws and other odds and ends that can all be kept together and stored to be easily found at a later date, just don’t forget to label them!

Control your Wardrobe – Ideally the best wardrobes are the ones that allow storage from floor to ceiling. Suitcases can be easily stored at the top or bottom and clothes can be sectioned any a suitable order such as seasonal. Generally the clothes and belongings that your not going to used in the immediate future can be stowed at the top or in the hard to reach sections keeping the clothes that are in season in the easy to reach areas. A little tip is to add hooks to the inside of the wardrobe doors. You can buy the ones that have an adhesive back, simply peel and stick. This is a great area to keep belts, ties and small items of clothing in one area.

Be sure to donate any unworn clothes or clothes that you don’t like anymore to charity. This is a really good way to clear out the clutter and find new storage space and of course the perfect excuse to go out and hit the shops! Just kidding, let other people get use from your clothes, why not? Doing so will give you more access to your wardrobe and will save time in looking for items of clothing that are suitable for waring on any given day thus providing you with a clutter free wardrobe.

Find space in the bedroom – Under-the-bed storage boxes and bags are perfect for stowing things under the bed out of sight. Some are like big suitcases that zip up and some are even boxes on wheels for easier access. Storing items such as clothing or any other item to mention under the bed is a tried and tested method of producing more space in your bedroom. You’ll be surprised at how much you can fit under a bed!

plastic bins for storage purposes
Use plastic bins for storing anything!

Plastic bins with reference to the picture above have exploded within the market place with many different sizes and designs now available. You can store neatly anything you choose from toys, books, shoes, make-up and more. Using this method of storage really does make life a lot easier as you can find what you’re looking for a lot quicker thanks to clever organisation tactics.

Clothes baskets are also a good space saving alternative, they also look quite nice too. They’re ideal for storing clean and folded clothing right through to dirty clothing with the main aim of just keeping things tidy and out-of-sight. You don’t even have to store clothes in these, child’s toys and other items will fit nicely.

Top Tip! >> Do you store your suitcases empty? Why not fill them with out-of-season clothing rather than having them empty, try it!

Kick your Kitchen into touch – With so many small items within the kitchen it’s easy to create a cluttered environment even if you try your hardest not to. Corner cabinets and shelving are generally the firth things to look at when trying to create space in the kitchen. Pull out shelves with their own baskets are very handy for keeping vegetables or spices, or anything else you can think of. Draw partitions and organisers¬† if you don’t already have them are good at sectioning items such as cutlery and utensils and can be picked up very cheaply from any high street shop. Wire inserts between shelving is a novel way of storing/hanging utensils and the like. Simple household wire will do as long as it’s taught. Install a board on the wall for pinning shopping lists, telephone numbers, un-paid bills, take-away menus or any other paper item to it. Not only will this prevent important paperwork from being lost it also means you’ll be albe to find what you’re looking for in a hurry a lot quicker.

Another hot off the press tip is to install a vinyl chalkboard wall sticker to your wall in the kitchen or even on your fridge door. As the sticker is manufactured from a material that looks, feels and operates like standard chalkboard they’re a unique and modern way to record any important shopping items that you need to purchase or anything else such as phone numbers or to-do jobs for that matter! My Wall Stickers offers free coloured chalks with every chalkboard will sticker purchased and with prices starting just over ¬£8.00 why not put an order in for fast delivery?

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our tips on how to increase space within your home and we welcome your comments regarding any home tips. Send us an email with any suggestions by clicking here.