Steps to follow for changing your wall stickers

Once applied, wall stickers cannot be removed and repositioned in another spot. What you can do with wall stickers though is to take them down quickly and easily and replace them with a new set of wall art stickers.

So, if you fancy changing up your wall stickers or you have your eye on some stylish new designs, here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Order your new wall stickers. Have a browse online and choose some designs that catch your eye and that would suit the décor of the room.

2. Remove the existing wall stickers. You can do this quickly and easily by heating the front of the wall sticker with a hairdryer. You should then be able to peel the sticker off the wall.

3. Give the wall a gentle clean. Wall stickers don’t usually leave any residue or mess when they are removed, but it can’t hurt to give the wall a wipe with maybe some sugar water.

4. Put your new wall stickers up. Make sure the wall is clean and dry and then follow the installation instructions which come with your wall stickers.

It really is that easy to change your wall stickers, and you can do it in minutes.