Stay safe, stay warm & get your stickers out!

Can you believe the weather we’re experiencing at the moment? Up and down the country it’s the worst snowfall in November for the past 17 years apparently. It’s considerably white outside and very slippery. So what’s the point to this post you may be asking? Well,  the perfect thing to do when the weather is so bad is to spend a few quality moments on your home and re-decorate using our high quality wall stickers and wall decals! Why go out in the cold when you can stay at home in the warm and be safe and creative?

Up to 15cm of snow has been predicted in some areas and with many of the UK’s roads currently gridlocked many trains and other forms of public transport have been canceled including closure of many of the busiest airports up and down the country. Gatwick and Edinburgh airports are confirmed to remain closed for the next 2 days! Severe weather warnings have been issued for the majority of the Eastern side of the UK and some central areas.  As My Wall Stickers is based in East Anglia we’re getting the brunt of it all and believe me it’s blooming freezing!

Heavy snow hits the UK
The UK battles with the worst snow for 17 years

Over 250,000 children in Scotland have had the day off school with up to a third of schools being closed. It’s not just the snow that is causing the disruption, the extreme cold has caused many power shortages and without power schools cannot be heated so it’s really a catalog of events. The most affected areas of the UK is South Yorkshire, where snowfall of up to 30cm has created massive disruption to public services, roads, schools and places of work.

The strongest advice that has been given by both the Met office and the Police is to stay at home if you reside in the worst hit areas and to only make that journey if it is completely necessary as obviously the roads are more than covered in snow they are very icy too.

There is one good thing that can come out of all of this, you still have an Internet connection right? We’ll you wouldn’t be able to read this post otherwise! What I’m trying to say is to not risk life and limb by venturing out of your home, why not place an order on our site for an attractive wall sticker or wall decal and then get creative in your own time within the safe boundaries of your own home. We’ve been adding new and exciting wall stickers to the range for many months now and now boast an impressive online catalog of more than 400 designs, all of them being exclusive to My Wall Stickers.

So what are you waiting for? Get your self a brew, turn up the heating (or put on an extra layer, think of the planet!), get comfortable and take a browse through our online store. We still offer rapid delivery even though the country is up in arms due to the weather. Get creative with a little help from My Wall Stickers today!