Restore your inner Zen with wall art stickers

From time to time the daily grind can take it’s toll on you, those days when nothing seems to work out or quite simply you’d rather just be at home doing the things that you enjoy, i.e. chilling out!

Over recent weeks we’ve added some wall stickers to our online catalogue that are themed a little differently to the rest of our decals. We’ve added simple wall transfers that are right at the heart of restoring your positive energy in the comfort of your home, such as our yoga or  Zen stones wall stickers for example.

Such simple wall graphics can really make a big difference in your life and you’d be surprised at the positive results that can be gained from adding such a piece of decorative art to your living space. Any of our designs can be used to add harmony to your home, and your wallet will thank you too as many of our decals are between £10 to £20.

Also known as wall tattoos, this is a pretty good description of the overall effect our products have once placed on your walls. A similar effect that one may experience from having a physical tattoo on their body which in turn makes a very personal statement, the same is true with adhesive wall art, it’s an extension of your thoughts and inner creativity that is on display for you and others to enjoy. At least our tattoo’s are removable!