Replace your posters with wall stickers

Many people like to have posters or pictures on their walls, and these are often of their favourite film stars, musicians and bands, or other iconic figures.

Posters, however, can start to look a little tatty after a while, making your home look more like student digs than a chic, contemporary living space. Framed pictures are a more stylish choice, but even better are wall art stickers.

The reason why wall stickers are better than posters or framed pictures is that they integrate seamlessly into your home décor. They lie flat against your walls and become as much a part of the wall coverings as a coat of paint or a layer of wallpaper, unlike posters and pictures which stick out from the walls.

You can find just as many of your favourite movie stars and icons in wall stickers as you can posters and pictures. For example, you can find designs which feature classic stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin and James Dean, or more modern celebrity figures such as Justin Bieber (perfect for kid’s rooms), Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse.