Remember Your New Year’s Resolutions with Chalkboard Wall Stickers

We do it every year. Everyone thinks of those great few New Year’s resolutions and by the second week in January they’re completely forgotten about.

Our handy chalkboard wall stickers come in a wide range of sizes to suit all rooms around the home. With free chalk included, you can proudly display your resolutions and to do lists. Whether you want to stop smoking, start a fitness regime, learn a new language or help others, our convenient reminder boards will help you achieve your goals.

Want a simple board for the kitchen where you can doodle whilst on the phone or write the ingredients to your favourite dish? Our A3 chalk sheet is an ideal size for the kitchen or kids playroom. Help the children with their homework or give them hours of fun with your very own game of Pictionary. Alternatively, why not place our plain chalk sheet in the games room and use it as a darts scoreboard?

Decorate and brighten up your kitchen with our quirky cooking pot chalkboard, where you can write the shopping list or directions on how to cook a tasty lasagne. The ‘don’t forget!’ chalk sticker will give you an instant reminder to pay the car tax or water the plants, whilst large plain chalkboards are great for the lounge or office where you can jot down new design ideas or important phone numbers.

Children’s Chalkboard Wall Stickers

Like many of our wall stickers, chalkboard decals are great for decorating your children’s bedroom. Let their imagination run wild with speech bubble stickers, helping them put on a show or create an exciting storyboard.

A game of tic tac toe will give the kids hours of fun, or you could always place our noughts and crosses sticker in the lounge to entertain guests whilst dinner is cooking.

Supersaurus, hippo and polka dot chalkboard designs are great for adding colour and life to the kids’ room, whilst realistic school teacher stickers are perfect for little ones who love to play pretend.

Why not turn your little boy’s bedroom into a football locker room with our pitch chalkboard, sure to make him feel like a Premiership manager.

All chalkboard decals can be easily applied to any smooth or flat surface and leave no stains or glue marks. Contact us today for more information.