Proud to be part of the trend

It has come to our attention that home wall stickers are in the middle of a trend at the moment. I suppose this is good news for us but having read a recent blog post on a home decoration site recently it got me thinking about the actual popularity of the sector we’re in, wall stickers, so I went to Google and did a bit of digging. I use Google as a reference as it pretty much holds the global monopoly on search queries throughout the internet.

Google has a pretty neat tool where you can view trends for a specific keyword and view it’s popularity over months and even years. I guess this would be a good way to see exactly how many people are searching for wall stickers and then compare it to our sales. Obviously I cannot divulge too much information for fear of loosing all of our hard earned research as I’m sure our competitors read this blog. Take a look at the comparison chart below, taken from a snapshot of the Google Trends tool for the keyword term ‘Wall Stickers’.

Who searches for wall stickers, how often?
Wall stickers a trend at the moment? You decide.

Cat it get any better than this? We can only reference it to our sales reports but we’re glad to be in an industry that is flourishing as so many companies nowadays are struggling as a result of the global down-turn. I don’t want this post to read like we’re jumping on the band wagon so to speak as we try so hard to provide a bespoke and special service to our much valued customers of whom buy our wonderful wall stickers. It’s very easy to sell online now with the like of eBay etc, we’ve noticed that you can purchase wall stickers for £3 if you want, but that old cliche comes into mind that you get what you pay for and with My Wall Stickers that’s a quality wall sticker and a smile 24/7 that’s for sure.

What also helps with the current wall sticker trend is the freedom of choice that is now available to the consumer, mainly thanks to the availability of products now on the internet.  It is possible to style and decorate your home in a really individual way and the advent of the internet opens up new doors to reach niche home decoration product suppliers like My Wall Stickers. All of this obviously means that there are so many ways to style your home you can do it in a way that you never thought possible and this includes wall stickers and wall decals. Also the materials that are used to create wall stickers have moved on quite a lot in the past decade. The vinyl films (the material that your wall sticker is made from) are easier to handle and more forgiving should you make a mistake when installing your wall sticker. Colour ranges have also improved allowing customers to match their wall stickers with other items and furnishings within their home. Wall stickers can actually last a lot longer as the films are now made of a higher quality polymer (glue) and this makes them bond better to the wall and make removal a lot easier and mess free.

So why not decorate your home with a wall sticker from My Wall Stickers? Be as brash or as modest as you like at a price you can afford. Mess free, fitted in minutes, lasts for years! That’s the sales bit, for now….


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