Preparing your wall before application

Before you apply your lovely new wall sticker to your wall there’s a few small things you must cover in order to achieve the perfect finish such as the obvious like removing any obstacle’s or anything else that may get in your way and then a of course a thorough cleaning of the wall or surface you’re going to apply the wall sticker onto.

Surface Preparation – This really is a simple task and involves no chemicals only hot soapy water (fairy liquid will do) and a little elbow grease. Before you start to apply your new wall sticker you’ll get better adhesion and aesthetic finish if you wash the wall or area to remove any dust, dirt, grease or any other unwanted elements that may effect your wall sticker application.

As soon as the wall is dry and spotlessly clean you can apply your new wall sticker and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your wall sticker will have a good contact on the surface that you’re going to apply it onto.

Painted Walls – If you’ve just painted your wall or surface you’d like your sticker placed it’s very important you wait at least 2 weeks before you start to apply your new wall sticker. You have to wait this long as the paint will still be giving off gasses that may effect the adhesive thus giving your new wall sticker a poor bond onto the surface. This could in turn give your wall sticker a shorter lifespan, so if you’ve just painted your wall, be patient and wait before you apply any vinyl to it!

For further information on how to apply your new wall sticker be sure to visit our online fitting guide.

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