Prepare yourself for a great paint job

Here’s a quick tea break guide on how to achieve a perfect paint job on the walls in your home. Why you wonder, well there’s some techniques that we didn’t even know existed until we researched this topic!

Preparation is everything

Statistics say that people decide to decorate literally on the spur of the moment, so instead of running down to your nearest B&Q and loading up on cheap paint why not plan ahead a little to make life just that little bit easier. A day before you decide to do any painting or decorating the best thing to do is to arrange your furniture in a format that will enable you to achieve perfect access to the decorating area, i.e moving all offending pieces of furniture completely out of the way, the middle of the room is generally a good idea. Where will I sit you ask moving the furniture a day in advance? Come on, you on this far in life! Obviously leave the vital furniture out for the evening’s TV etc.

Once you’ve cleared the space now is the time to inspect the wall. Is it clean, free of cobwebs? Are there any holes or cracks that need filling? Please refer to the previous post on how to fill holes and cracks on walls prior to decorating.

Once you’ve established that the walls are ready for paint get yourself some masking tape and carefully mask off the areas that you don’t want to get paint on. This can be around the doors, light fittings, switches, ceilings, windows etc. Time spent here in getting this bit right can really make the difference and give you an overall professional finish.

Duck and cover!

Any fixtures and fittings or large items of furniture that are hard to move out of the way, i.e sofas grab yourself a dust sheet and cover up! You can even buy dust sheets of the shelf (to our amazement) for a few pounds that really work well and can be used time and time again. Completely covering your furniture and the like is a must as paint is very hard to move and can make your life an aesthetic misery if you get unwanted paint on your expensive G-Plan sofa, not to mention your friends and relatives ribbing you every time they see the unwanted paint splodge!

Dress to Impress

Now that your ready to proceed and get creative with your paint ask yourself, am I dressed in the clothes that I would like to get paint on? This may seem a bit of a childish question but we’ve all done it. Said to ourselves, “oh I’ll be ok, I wont get any paint on me”, but no matter how hard you try there’s always a drip here and there so the main point to this paragraph is to wear some old clothes, clothes that you’d be happy to throw out. Another tip is that if you have long hair to tie it back or even wear an old baseball cap (or similar) for those heard to reach spots that always put a drip on your head.

Now that both you and the walls are ready, crack on. Obviously this post takes into account that you’ve made a wise decision in your tools and paint selection for the job and you have a basic understanding of how to actually decorate.

Buy what you can afford, generally the basic (own brand products) decorating range arn’t any good and can make the whole process take a lot longer so buy the good stuff!

Oh and don’t put the paint lid on the floor for obvious reasons.

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