PayPal & SagePay linked to our site

Today has been a busy day linking the two payment processors to our site, PayPal and SagePay. Both are very secure and will help you to purchase your wall stickers ans wall decals direct from our website. PayPal is a popular choice as it’s widely used in conjunction with eBay and other online facilities. usually people have their own account with PayPal and have a financial balance, a bit like a bank account. With this account you can use it in conjunction with e commerce site like to buy products, in this case it’s truly amazing wall stickers and wall decals! To purchase wall stickers online via our site you can use PayPal but you do not need and account in order to complete your transaction, this is optional. You’ll can either log in and use your account or simply follow the supplied link to enter your card details straight away, safely.

Our other payment processor SagePay is a British company that we have been using since 2005 (same time length as PayPal) and they have proven to be very secure in handling transactions. You’ll get the option to pay with either PayPal or Sagepay when you go to checkout via our online store. With SagePay you don’t need an account at all, it doesn’t operate like this, it’s merely a watertight payment processor that links to our website.

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