Patriotic wall sticker ideas for your home

If you’ve found yourself all revved up by the London 2012 Olympic Games and inspired by the efforts of British athletes, you may find yourself feeling a little more patriotic than usual. You can now show these feelings in the décor of your very own home, thanks to the range of ‘Best of British’ wall art stickers that are now available.

Here are some ideas for how to pull off the ‘Best of British’ look in your home décor, to achieve a look that is more classy than tacky:

Silhouette wall stickers featuring British landmarks. If you have a white or plain coloured wall, you can add the striking feature of a Big Ben silhouette, for example. Or why not go for a classic red British phone box in your living room?

Motifs and mottos. If you ‘love London’ or love the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ series of mottos and motifs, you can now find them in wall sticker form. These are perfect for many rooms, but are best in the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

• The Union Jack flag. There are many different designs of wall sticker featuring the Union Jack flag, all of which can add a decorative, colourful and patriotic touch to any room.