Over 300 wall stickers on our site

We started this blog right at the beginning of our online wall sticker campaign around four months ago. This was when the site and this blog really didn’t have a lot of content but we feel we’re getting there now. We have been involved with vinyl graphics for many years, on and offline and we wanted to open up the doors (so to speak) to sell our wonderful wall stickers that we had locked away on a hard drive for many years previous!

As we had and still have to date many hundreds of great wall sticker designs on file we really didn’t know where to start with adding them to the website. As we’re creative people we’re not the best organised! We found that the best place to start in building our online catalog was to pick a category, get some designs uploaded in that category and then move onto the next. We didn’t want our online store to look half completed so much of the work was carried out late into the night when site traffic is minimal.

We feel that will the range of wall stickers that are available on our site now represents well what we are all about at My Wall Stickers. We do try to cater for the masses but it isn’t easy as you have to get the correct balance of being unique and still appealing to a target audience to which is our secret!

As you can see now on our site we have many categories for our wall stickers ranging from flower wall stickers, children’s wall stickers, wall quotes, Chinese text wall stickers and chalkboard wall stickers to name but a few. Remember, we’ll always be adding our wall stickers until we’re happy with the range, right now we’re probably running at about 30-40 percent of our design range.

Our advice at the moment is to keep your eyes peeled on our website as it will forever be increasing and to notify us if there’s anything you don’t see on the website that you think should be there!

Happy sticking!

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