Not just for walls, floors too!

Would you believe it? A customer recently asked me. I wondered what she was talking about until she pointed me in the direction of a websitesite/company that specialises in floor stickers/graphics. Obvious having a keen eye for the industry we already knew about such a product that was available but we carried on with the conversation anyway.

Floor stickers are what we’re talking about in this post and I guess it backs up further posts about how durable stickers can be if designed and manufactured professionally. Stickers, similar to the wall stickers that we sell on our website My Wall Stickers can be applied to floors for any purpose. Ok it’s usually for the aid of advertising but nevertheless we thought we’d mention it here today in out blog.

Take a look at the picture below which demonstrates the use of a floor graphic/sticker in action:

Floor graphics looking good
Floor graphics on display at an airport

Now, here comes the science! Floor graphics are probably the number one sticker in the world that will receive the most abuse in it’s lifespan. This is due to all of the people walking on top of it all day and without protection floor stickers can literally be pulled to pieces in some cases overnight if they haven’t been protected.

Floor stickers/graphics are protect by whats called an over laminate. This is a transparent film that is placed over the face of the floor sticker which in turn has an adhesive surface which causes it to bond to the floor sticker. This laminate film is one of the thickest on the market and acts as a protective barrier to the sticker to prevent it from scratching etc.

But that’s not it! The sheer amount of surface cleansing that you have to do before application of floor stickers is immense. Why you ask? Well similar to our wall stickers if you apply them to a dirty surface then that dirt will  show through on the face of the sticker which makes the sticker look attractive. Also it will prevent the sticker from sticking to the surface as well as it should causing the sticker to lift in certain areas and causing the corners to peel. This can’t be good for a floor stickers as people may trip on the sticker causing legal campaigns, an area I won’t go into today.

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