New Wall Stickers added today

Page by page and sticker by sticker we’re slowly adding our massive range of stunning wall decals and wall stickers, it’s taking more time than we thought as we want the look and feel of the site to be just right for our customers. Our library of wall stickers literally runs into the thousands and as we prefer quality over quantity this is some mean feat!

As we add our new wall stickers to our online store we’re also putting the finishing touches to the website such as instructions on how to apply your decals once you receive them. We have added detailed examples of how to actually fit your wall stickers perfectly first time and we’ve just add an about us page telling you about the history of My Wall Stickers and the people behind the stickers. We feel this is important as at the end of the day we’re just regular people like yourself who have a great passion for what we do.

A colour chart has also been added to the site so you can view all of the great colours we make our wall stickers in, personally my favorite choice is the chocolate vinyl closely followed by the matt black. These colours really make a wall sicker look great and are the most popular choice on our online store.

We still aim to add more rich content to the website and this blog in the following weeks so keep your eye on this space. We’ll be sure to add more installation guides as well as wall sticker pictures and galleries, installation videos, tips and tricks of choosing the correct colour wall sticker, how wall stickers are produced and much more!

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