new wall art colours

New Vinyl Colours for 2014

We’re proud to offer a complete new range of vinyl colours for our single colour wall stickers. After 3 years of offering standard colour shades we’ve now taken on board a great looking range of pastel matt finish vinyls that can be used to add style and flair to any home.

These new colours include mocha, silk grey, sky blue, pastel pink, chocolate brown and more, and are ideal for quickly changing the look of a plain wall. The idea behind us changing the colour range was to offer more of a designer selection of pastel based colours that can be used to compliment existing home decoration styles for the 2014 season and to keep our offerings fresh and unique.

Now our quote, flower and animal stickers will look even more realistic and can be chosen in a colour that will compliment the rest of your home furnishings. We love the look of our new pastel colours and how they add a new creative dimension to our ever popular home decor stickers.

Matt based vinyl films are always best for decorative wall art as they don’t glare in certain lights as opposed to gloss films and the end result looks like it’s been painted on the wall!

Another benefit of our new colours is that they’re fully removable up to 2 years without leaving any glue residue behind. You can remove our decals quite easily by using heat from a hair dryer and gently peeling the sticker away from the wall.

To view our exciting new colour range click here. We now boast 20 great colour shades for you to order your wall art in. If you’re unsure of how a particular colour may look on your wall then feel free to order a sample colour swatch. Alternatively contact us either by giving us a call on 01692 402423 or by emailing us your custom request and we’ll be happy to assist.