New state of the art vinyl cutter installed

An exciting day today here at My Wall Stickers, we’ve just taken delivery of our 2nd vinyl cutter to keep up with the ever increasing demand for our popular wall stickers. To keep our promised lead times with our orders we’ve had to request another machine to work along side our existing 2 printer cutter. It’s been tricky recently keeping up with the orders with our machines working flat out 9 hours a day for 6 days a week.

Our machine of choice is the Graphtec FC-8000 series cutter. Now we don’t expect you to know this machine from Adam (so to speak) so we’d thought that we’d try our best to describe what it’s all about as at the end of the day it’s right at the heart of producing the wonderful wall stickers and decals that you see available for sale within our website 24/7.

When your cutting out vinyl all day, every day you need the very best, you need reliability. As stickers not being cut means angry customers which is not good for a wall sticker company! Here’s a pic of what the machine looks like that may be cutting your new stickers:

vinyl wall sticker cutter
Our new in house modern sticker cutting equipment

As you can see in the picture above the sheet of material (that’s hanging out of the machine) is where the vinyl material lies which could in essence be a wall sticker that we have sent through to be cut from our desktop software to be cut. This new machine can cut op to 50 inches a second with industry leading quality on a variety of film thicknesses. The detail that is provided with this machine allows for ultra crisp curves and straight lines as you can make out from the picture above. The material is actually cut from a small blade similar in size to a match that is held in place via the head, the head is a small box type component that is on a belt drive and digitally controlled by the computer and moves from point to point making up the design of your sticker.

Once the material has been cut (scored) buy the cutter we’ll remove it from the machine and place our table and start to remove the excess material, this process is called weeding. The excess material is removed and discarded until just the wall sticker remains on the sheet. Actually the material in the cutter picture above has been weeded and put back into the machine for demonstration purposes.

We just thought we’d share our excitement in our new equipment, perhaps we should get out more! We love what we do here at My Wall Stickers and the very thought of being able to produce even more stickers is right up our street!