New site to launch early 2011

We’ve been using our current website design since the beginning of our online adventure way back in April this year and it’s been and still is a very nice site to work with from an administrative point of view and also (as we’ve been told) from a customer perspective. As our traffic has increased month on month since launching the site early on this year we’ve decided to have a slight re-design of the site and upgrade the server that it is hosted on just so the site remains at a quick pace for browsing.

The reason for this change is to keep the website running at it’s best and to keep up with the ever increasing fold of technology. We want the user’s experience to be an enjoyable time on the site and as asthetically pleasing as possible. There’s nothing wrong with the site that we have now, believe me, but we are forever striving to provide a bespoke and efficient service for our customers so this is why we have proceed to update the site that we have.

Changes will be kept to a minimum, if it’s not broken why fix it is our motto, and we’re going to put into good use all of the information and feedback we’ve had from our clients over the past 9 months and then output this in to a revamped website which will hopefully be ready to launch early next year in January. They’ll be a slight twist on the design of the site along with a colour change so all in all still the same great taste! We’ll update all of our current customers via email once the site has been updated and we’re going to have a special offer for all of our wall stickers just to mark the occasion, watch this space.