Multicolour stickers added today

After a few recent requests we thought it would be a good thing to start to add some of our full colour wall stickers to the site. As we’re slowly starting to add them to the site we’ve realised how colourful they are and this could be a solution for a lot of our customers young and old.

Full colour wall stickers are so much fun for the whole family to get involved with. They’re really colourful and look amazing once applied to your wall. Easy to apply and will last for years, non toxic and can be removed with ease at a later date leaving no mess or marks on your wall.

There will be one category with all of the multicolour wall stickers under it. We did toy with the idea of separating all of the colour stickers into different categories but for now we’ll simply house them all under one roof. There’s designs from racing motorbikes, flowers, a light house (and a big one too) owls and trees to name but a few. Like our single colour range we do have a lot of the multicolour stickers to add to the site and will be slowly increasing the range over the next few weeks so keep checking back for updates.

a lighthouse wall sticker
multicolour wall stickers by My Wall Stickers

Our multicolour stickers are as durable and hard wearing like our single colour wall decals. To make our multicolour stickers we digitally print them onto premium vinyl at photographic quality and then we over laminate them with gloss laminate. The laminate not only protects the sticker making it scratch-proof but really brings out the colours from the print making it stand out. Thanks to the lamination you can also wipe the sticker clean if need be!

Add some colour to your walls today with a full colour wall sticker and have a bit of fun too!