More stickers added to the site

We’ve had a very busy day today as we’ve add a lot more great wall stickers to the site. It’s quite a slow process as we can average around 4 hours per 20 listings and if you imagine we have a wall sticker design library of around 5000 designs it’s quite a drawn out process as we want our designs to be portrayed in perfect light.

Our collection has been put together (hand picked) by us over many years but never has it seen the light of day on the Internet until now. Unlike other wall sticker websites we actually sell our own unique artwork which has been created by us from scratch and is very exclusive to MyWallStickers. We would rather go for quality rather than quantity on our online store but we love all of our unique sticker designs and we hope that you do too!

Today we have concentrated mainly on the flower wall stickers and fairy wall stickers. These designs are really decorative, you could say beautiful. We have added wonderful hibiscus designs, lily wall stickers, fairies and nymph designs to name but a few. There are so many different places that you can use our wall stickers in your home from the bedroom, the hallway and beyond, there is no limit and the creativity is all yours.

Please feel free to browse our flower wall stickers and our fairy wall stickers, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

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